Northwest Cancer Climb

The Northwest Cancer Climb is a recurring hiking fundraiser in the Pacific Northwest. Funds raised during the hike go toward the Binaytara Foundation’s project to establish a comprehensive cancer center in the impoverished country of Nepal. The Binaytara Foundation is an international cancer health nonprofit based in Northwest Washington.

Northwest Cancer Climb events are held at various iconic trails throughout the Northwest. The first hike took nearly 90 hikers to the top of Oyster Dome, raising over $4,000 for the cancer center. Hikes are chosen by difficulty and reward.

The Nepal Cancer Climb

The Binaytara Foundation has partnered with renowned mountaineer AC Sherpa, owner of International Sherpa Guides and world-record holder for quickest completion of the Seven Summits. The expeditions will be guided by Sherpa and his company, with Sherpa donating a portion of the expedition’s cost toward the Nepal cancer center project. There is no extra cost passed on to you, the climber. So sign up for a regularly-priced expedition with the added benefit of knowing your climb will support this vital project.

Where the money goes

The Binaytara Foundation will establish a state-of-the-art public cancer center in Province 2 of Nepal. It will be the first comprehensive cancer center in the province and serve a population area of about 15 million. The center will cost approximately $7 million and be completed within 5 years. Click here to learn more.




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