Jason and Macinda, team LetsDoThis, will be hiking the Oyster Dome March 30th, 2019 to raise money for the first cancer center in Nepal. Please join us in raising money for this great cause by pledging support for our trek to the top of the Dome!
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Jason and Macinda, team LetsDoThis, will be joining the Binaytara Foundation on the Northwest Cancer Climb. This year’s hike will be held March 30th, 2019 in south Bellingham Chuckanut area. We will be joining many other hikers on a hike to the top of the Oyster Dome. Why you ask? Well, for several reasons. 1: This hike is to raise funds for the first cancer center in Nepal. Our specific goal is to raise money for essential cancer prevention and screening. This specific area of funding hit home with Macinda as her cervical cancer was caught and treated early due to early preventative screening. For just one woman the cost of a PAP test and a cervical cancer vaccine is $200 alone….and that is just one woman. According to the Cancer Treatment Center of America, over 13,000 women will be diagnosed with some form of Cervical Cancer in the US in 2019. Imagine how many women in Nepal will be left undiagnosed and untreated without the proper screening they need. Macinda is so very thankful that she was able to overcome her cancer by catching it early with proper screening and that is why she is so passionate about raising money for this specific area of the cancer center. 2: A healthy family is a big goal for our family. We let the lazy-easy mentality kick in and continued to let pounds add on to all of our waistlines. When our 12 year old son started sharing his concern about his body image it really hit us hard. We decided to change our lifestyle. No more junk food, lots more veggies and fruits and whole grains. Exercise has now been added into our daily routines. Macinda began walking daily and now the family has joined a gym. Macinda visits the gym daily and usually brings along a member or two of the family. Since the end of November Macinda has dropped about 60 pounds, Shaden about 20, Davian about 7, and the rest of the family are maintaining healthy weight goals. This hike is going to tough, but it will be a great accomplishment to reach the top! 3: Jason and Macinda really enjoy nature, hiking (albiet easier, flatter trails), geocaching and exploring. We have done quite a few trails in Larrabee, but Oyster Dome was always one of those pipe dream hikes. Macinda’s weight was a big factor on the trails that we decided to do. “One day I’ll be able to do the Oyster Dome” is what Macinda said almost 2 summers ago. Now, 60 lbs lighter and a fire to raise money to help prevent the cancer she beat, Macinda is ready to take on this hike! Jason is super supportive and excited that we are going to get out on the trails. We hope that you take the time to review the Northwest Cancer Climb, join in the hike yourself, or PLEASE PLEDGE to help us raise money for this great cause. Every dollar pledged puts us that much closer to our $500 goal and every dollar pledged pushes us to keep going on out trek to the top of the Oyster Dome!



  1. Colleen McKee says:

    Jason, Macinda and the kids are my world. Macinda is one of the nicest people I have ever known in my life. Getting healthy is so good, working on that myself. I thank God for all he has blessed us with and praise his name.

  2. Kenneth Neal says:

    Cancer sucks thank you for doing this

  3. Sasha Lewis says:

    I have been touched personally by cancer. By donating, maybe I can help someone win the battle as I am.

  4. Leah Campbell says:

    Way to go you guys!! Cheering you on!! Congrats on you huge accomplishments Macinda!! Go beat that mountain so others can also beat cancer by catching it early!!

  5. Christine Harrison says:

    I wish I was going to be here, I would make the hike with you! You are an inspiration and I love you!

  6. Linda Legg says:

    Mike and I are so proud of you. Have fun and enjoy the hard climb!!
    Love ya, Mom

  7. Colleen McKee says:

    I am convinced we can beat Cancer if we stick together!

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