You are never too young or too old for an act of kindness

Hello, my name is Jaya. I am a first grader in Issaquah. I am raising funds because your act of kindness can save someone's life. Will you help me reach my goal of giving cancer care to two women every year?
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Hello kind person, do you like helping others? Does that make you happy? It makes me happy too.

I know that even a small act of kindness can mean a lot. I have heard a lot about cancer from my dad who is a cancer doctor and helps many cancer patients.

I want to help save lives. You can save lives too. My goal is $1,000 for this campaign. (I know how many zeros are in one thousand).

I also took flyers to my neighbors houses in Issaquah highlands asking them to come hike with us. I don’t have a habit of hiking big mountains but I love biking, swimming, and jumping.

Please help me reach my goal and I will send you a thank you card – I can draw really well.I did a lot of drawings for my Ketchup and Fries book series. You can buy them on Amazon here

See this one I made. You can have it for 20 dollars.

Jaya's Art