Before and Day of the Event

Before the event you are encouraged to fundraise on your own!

You can create a personal/family/business campaign to raise money for the Women’s Cancer Center in Nepal.

We will have prizes for the top four fundraising campaigns, and are extremely grateful for anything you are able to raise.

If you have family or friends who are unable to attend due to the location or date we also encourage them to create their own NW Cancer Climb! We have had individuals hike impressive locations under our Cancer Climb fundraising! The sky is the limit, and no matter where or when, you will be hiking to change the lives of thousands of cancer patients.

On the day of the event, everyone will start their day at the Poo Poo Point Trailhead. Here, we will have t-shirts, food/water, booths, raffle entry, and day-of registration available. Once you have collected all your event gear and fueled up you will head to your respective hiking location! During the day our team members will conduct a raffle for those who showed up to the hike! We will have some very fun prizes that will be announced soon!

We cannot wait to see everyone in person, and explore this beautiful state we get to call home! Please keep in mind COVID-19 Guidelines during the event. We hope that by August most attendees will be fully vaccinated, but we must all practice social distancing, mask wearing, and enhanced sanitation until we are told otherwise!