Fifth Grader Raising Funds to Save Lives

I am raising funds to help women and girls have access to healthcare that can save their lives. With your help, with this cancer center, we can give them hope, and we can give them life.
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My name is Angira Shah. I am a 5th grader at Grandridge Elementary in Issaquah.

I am raising funds to save women with cancer because I have seen how difficult it is for women in Janakpur and the villages in Nepal to get cancer care. Last March before COVID-19 affected our lives wildly, I was in Nepal visiting family in Janakpur. I had the opportunity to help out around the Binaytara Foundation cancer hospital in Janakpur. I met with a few families who were there because their loved ones had cancer.

I talked to one girl named Sony who was about my age (10 at that time). Sony goes to English school in Janakpur and I was able to communicate with her nicely. Sony said that her mother had cancer but the doctors where they took her first did not know what the problem was and did not send her for any cancer tests. They found out she had cancer only after the family took her to a hospital in India. But due to the distance and family situation, they could not continue her treatment in India and brought her to the cancer hospital in Janakpur. Sony’s mom’s cancer had already gone to her other body parts and she looked very frail.

When I think about Sony, the ten year old girl I met, my jaws shake thinking that she might as well end up like her mother if we did nothing to build a hospital and build awareness, and educate more doctors so that there is proper diagnosis, treatment and prevention available for these women and girls. Please help save Sony, her sister, and many more women and girls who can be saved with our help. You can make this happen.

Contact me if you want to know more about my experience.You can join my fundraising team by clicking on the “fundraise” tab next to the “Donate” tab, and creating your own campaign. Let’s do it!